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About Lillie's Passion

My Story

I was born on the beautiful Eastern Caribbean Island of St. Lucia but moved to Haiti to live with my father’s family at an early age.  As my father was a high-ranking Haitian military official my family benefited from having an amazing chef that always prepared the most healthy and delicious meals for our family.  My favorite dish that chef made was cornmeal, black bean sauce, and legumes traditionally called Sos Pwa Nwa.  Eating this dish made me realize food could change the way people feel and that was the beginning of my food journey.  Our family chef used to refer to me a “Little Sous Chef” and I took my title seriously.  I spent many evenings watching in awe and occasionally helping as our chef turned simple local ingredients into a masterpiece at the dinner table.  I knew this was a skill that I had to have.  


Years later I moved to Brooklyn, NY and I reconnected with my favorite aunt Jeannine who was like a mother to me, she is the one that gave me the nickname Lillie.  She lived in Brockton, MA and I would spend the summers in her kitchen soaking up her passion for cooking and feeding people.  She loved when people enjoyed her food, and this also rubbed off on me and I was honored when she shared her recipes with me.  Aunt Jeannine has since passed away of cancer, but she made me promise to share her food with the world and that is a promise I am keeping with Lillie’s Passion.  I take pride in the food I make because it is not just a reflection of me, but it is honoring my favorite aunt Jeannine and my ancestors. 


Thank you for your support of Lillie’s Passion 


Claire Charles

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